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The Miracle Growth Benefits Of Latisse



Long, dark eyelashes can be a very distinctive facial feature, not to mention an extremely desirable one. Those long lashes make the eyes pop and can be used to convey unspoken emotions with a wink or a flutter. For those who don’t have luscious lashes,  a topical medication called Latisse is the answer to your dreams! Used as a prescription treatment for inadequate eyelash growth, Latisse can effectively increase lash length, fullness, as well as provide its users with several other benefits.



Surprisingly enough, Latisse was discovered by accident. A glaucoma study inadvertently discovered that when a test medicine was applied to the eyes of glaucoma patients, their lashes were becoming longer and darker. Latisse was then developed and approved by the FDA for this new, cosmetic purpose.


The specifics of precisely how this miracle growth  serum functions are somewhat of a mystery. Studies recommend that Latisse extends the development period of hair, creating longer and denser eyelashes. It likewise increases the width of the hair bulb, which make the lashes thicker.

According to a 16 week study, the following results were experienced after the participants used Latisse:

Lash length increased by 25%


Eyelash darkness increased by 18%


Lash fullness and thickness increased by 106%




One great benefit of Latisse is that it is safe and effective for most people to use. Treatment involves the daily application of the serum to the base of the upper lashes. Through the process of blinking, the lower eyelashes are automatically able to receive the serum.

By utilizing the provided, sterile utensils, patients can guarantee the security of their eyes and avoid conceivable contaminations or reactions. Patients should use Latisse for several months to accomplish the best and most clear outcomes, and continued use is vital for maintaining the results.




For years now, Latisse has been helping patients with sparse lash growth get fuller and darker eyelashes that can definitely make an impression. This scientifically-based, prescription-strength “miracle growth” product has built a strong reputation. Celebrities like Claire Danes, Brooke Shields and Mad Men star Christina Hendricks have all been spokespersons, and its popularity increases as the results become more widely known.


If you are interested in Latisse and ready to take the first step towards lush lashes, contact Ageless Aesthetics! We are happy to answer any of your questions!

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