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Office Closure

Like so many others, we have been working through the details of the Executive Order from the Governor. As requested by the Governor, we have chosen to close our doors. Dr. Parris' current plan is to start seeing patients the week of April 14th. As we...

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The Miracle Growth Benefits Of Latisse

THE MIRACLE GROWTH BENEFITS OF LATISSE   Long, dark eyelashes can be a very distinctive facial feature, not to mention an extremely desirable one. Those long lashes make the eyes pop and can be used to convey unspoken emotions with a wink or a flutter. For those...

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Botox For Men

Hey guys, do the recent discussions of the XFL return have you smiling or frowning a lot more?  Even though the return of the XFL isn’t supposed to happen until 2020, I imagine there were be tons of conversations regarding its appearance in the upcoming...

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