TCA Peel: TCA is a skin-resurfacing peel that causes the shedding of damaged skin, uncovering a fresh layer of skin. The peel treats a range of concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentaion, discoloration and even scaring.

An appointment for this treatment takes approximately a half hour . Once the Trichloracetic acid is a applied to the skin, a stinging sensation is likely to occur that can last 2-10 minutes. Around 36-48 hours after the peel, the skin will feel and look tight and may even turn a darker color before cracking and peeling off. Shedding can last 5-7 days before smoother more vibrant skin emerges. For most skin types, two- three peels are needed for best results.


Glycolic Peel: The Glycolic Peel is a safe process that removes a micro thin top layer of skin. Removal of these damaged cells stimulates cell division that results in plumper, healthier, newer cells. The glycolic peel procedure smoothes and softens skin as well as increases moisture retention. For optimal results this peel may be performed weekly for a period of six weeks.